Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Share My Secrets?

Because I want to.
My name is Emily. I'm single, 38 years old, attractive, successful, very independent and very sexual.
The last few years I have been exploring my sexuality more and more. And I want to share those explorations with you.
First, because I want to connect with other women with similar thoughts and ideas. Second, because I want to turn men on.
The first thing the men would wonder is "What do you look like?" Well, my body is very much like the one pictured here: I'm 5'7" tall. I wear a 36DD bra. My waist is small, my stomach is flat. My ass is full and round, but very firm. I have shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.
My body turns me on, and I enjoy playing with it regularly. I masturbate at least daily, usually more. I've been known to sneak breaks during the day at work just to fondle my breasts and play with my pussy. I've done some pretty crazy things, just because I needed to get off.
I'm hoping this blog will lead to new adventure.

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