Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Evolution of a Deviant

I had my first sexual fantasy as a very young girl. I can't quite remember how old I was, but I do remember what inspired it. It was an episode of Happy Days when Fonz dated a stripper. There were a few very vanilla scenes of the girl performing, and I remember it made me feel very tingly. From that point on, I used to purposely have daydreams where sexual scenarios played out, with full plot detail. Soon, I discovered masturbation and my pastime became a lifelong hobby.

As I grew older, the fantasies became naughtier, raunchier. And I've added another element to my hobby: phone sex.

I call phone sex lines. Sometimes it's only occasional, other times it's daily for several days. I think it depends on how sexually active I am at that time, and where my hormone levels are.

I have perfected this art- I've created a series of characters that I like to play. I have refined and mastered the (real) description of my body for full effect. Sometimes I stay on the line for hours, using a variety of toys and acting out a variety of fantasies with strangers on the phone.

Yes, there are a lot of weirdos on the lines. Some are into some pretty sick stuff. Some of that sick stuff intrigues me, titillates me. Apparently, as a mature, very articulate and intelligent sounding professional woman, I'm a pretty rare find on a line like this. So I am bombarded with messages from men, some begging me for my time, others demanding it.

I've only shared this secret with one person- an ex. He loved it. He even participated with me a few times, while we had a virtual threesome with another woman.

Funny, though, I found myself unable to be quite as raunchy and uninhibited while doing it in front of him.

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