Monday, July 21, 2008

I Wish I Could Fuck Like a Man

I don't mean that I wish I had a cock. I'm perfectly happy with my pussy.

I just mean I wish I could have sex with tons of women and men with no repercussions at all. No risk of losing my self-respect, or reputation.

I was at a club Friday night and it was simply jam- packed with hot women. All ages, all sizes. And I kept imagining them all lined up along the bar, bent over the stools, dresses hiked up over their asses, giving us a beautiful view of their sweet, wet, cunts.

I'd love to watch a man with a gifted cock, just ramming into each of these horny hot sluts. One after another, after another.

Watching a couple of women dancing provocatively on a platform, I imagined each of them stripping for me. Taking their tits out of their bras. Bouncing them in my face. How heavenly it would be to taste and suck each of them. Feasting on their breasts. Tasting their sweet pussies.

For those single men out there who are not using their god-given power to fuck and taste and sample as many women as you can, you are giving up a very sweet privilege.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Evolution of a Deviant

I had my first sexual fantasy as a very young girl. I can't quite remember how old I was, but I do remember what inspired it. It was an episode of Happy Days when Fonz dated a stripper. There were a few very vanilla scenes of the girl performing, and I remember it made me feel very tingly. From that point on, I used to purposely have daydreams where sexual scenarios played out, with full plot detail. Soon, I discovered masturbation and my pastime became a lifelong hobby.

As I grew older, the fantasies became naughtier, raunchier. And I've added another element to my hobby: phone sex.

I call phone sex lines. Sometimes it's only occasional, other times it's daily for several days. I think it depends on how sexually active I am at that time, and where my hormone levels are.

I have perfected this art- I've created a series of characters that I like to play. I have refined and mastered the (real) description of my body for full effect. Sometimes I stay on the line for hours, using a variety of toys and acting out a variety of fantasies with strangers on the phone.

Yes, there are a lot of weirdos on the lines. Some are into some pretty sick stuff. Some of that sick stuff intrigues me, titillates me. Apparently, as a mature, very articulate and intelligent sounding professional woman, I'm a pretty rare find on a line like this. So I am bombarded with messages from men, some begging me for my time, others demanding it.

I've only shared this secret with one person- an ex. He loved it. He even participated with me a few times, while we had a virtual threesome with another woman.

Funny, though, I found myself unable to be quite as raunchy and uninhibited while doing it in front of him.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Share My Secrets?

Because I want to.
My name is Emily. I'm single, 38 years old, attractive, successful, very independent and very sexual.
The last few years I have been exploring my sexuality more and more. And I want to share those explorations with you.
First, because I want to connect with other women with similar thoughts and ideas. Second, because I want to turn men on.
The first thing the men would wonder is "What do you look like?" Well, my body is very much like the one pictured here: I'm 5'7" tall. I wear a 36DD bra. My waist is small, my stomach is flat. My ass is full and round, but very firm. I have shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.
My body turns me on, and I enjoy playing with it regularly. I masturbate at least daily, usually more. I've been known to sneak breaks during the day at work just to fondle my breasts and play with my pussy. I've done some pretty crazy things, just because I needed to get off.
I'm hoping this blog will lead to new adventure.