Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where Is He?

Oddly enough, I have yet to find a man who is strong enough to satisfy me sexually.

I can usually find one that is mildly adventurous, that thinks he's dominant and a bit kinky. But it's never quite enough.

My challenge is that I am a very successful, intelligent woman. A woman that you would never suspect has such a dirty side. I'm even quite traditional in most of my beliefs regarding relationships. I need respect and intimacy.

And I need to get as raunchy as hell.

I have the desire to expand my horizons, yet I am a bit shy. Therefore, I require a man- a fully confident man- to take the reigns and take me where I've never been before.

It doesn't work if the man is a beginner at exploration. I had a lover that really wanted to experience golden showers. But he was shy about it, hesitant. I told him I was willing, but he sort of expected me to take the lead and make him feel OK about it. I couldn't do that. So we ended up with a half-assed attempt at mild degradation that was unsatisfactory for both of us.

It would have been better if he made me get into a standing position and tied my arms up over my head. Then pour warm water all over my body, pinching my nipples, my ass, my clit. Making me drink large amounts of water until he could see my bladder was full. Then to bring me to the brink, he could slap my ass over and over until it was pink.

When I couldn't hold it anymore, he could have climbed between my legs and ordered me to relieve myself all over him. I am sure as I began to release my piss, I would get more and more into it- telling him to lick it off my legs and take it in his mouth.

Now that would have worked better for me.


Lance said...

it's odd that you start this post off with the words, 'oddly enough.' it makes perfect sense to me.

the men in DC, i have a hard time using the word 'men' to describe a good portion of them. and most of the ones who aren't complete pansies know this, overcompensate, and become complete pricks.

this is the first time in my life that most of my friends are girls. they all complain to me about the lack of men in this city.

Fixizin said...

LOL... yes, you're so intelligent... i.e. reigns vs. reins... you slay me with your vanity... and your stock photos. ;')

OTOH, if you're ever in Duh Miami area, I'd love to "tutor" you into delivering a proper, gag-free "Delta-Tango Bravo-Juliet"... you kin DO it!