Monday, January 26, 2009

Going Solo

The man I'm currently sleeping with prefers traditional sex. Luckily, he has a very talented tongue and hands, so it's still highly enjoyable.

But it doesn't satisfy certain desires.

Yesterday, I spent the better part of a day letting my raunchy side out. Alone. Pretty much.

I pulled a chair up in front of my full length mirror and proceeded to enjoy every inch of my body. I set up my pink dildo with the flat base and I lowered myself on it. I love watching my pussy get fucked even if it's by a toy.

I dressed up in some of my favorite dirtiest outfits (with my window blinds open) and took pictures. Which I promptly sent to an ex as a flirtatious tease. He asked for more, and eventually put in requests for the types of pictures he wanted to see.

I wrapped up the day by having a few hours of interesting phone sex with several men and a few women I will never meet, and I came about half a dozen times.

Could I have had actual sex with an actual man yesterday? Of course. But sometimes I like to enjoy the goods all by myself.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Chucks gf, don't let the IP address fool you...but, oddly enough i like to watch myself too, and have a pink vibrator! Most women are scared of their bodies: how they look, move, feel, but there is just something so hot about it. Just thought id comment. Its nice to see a confident woman :)